Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fahlbtharz Puzzle Solution!

So I recently got Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim (Hence the lack of posts), and will be posting more about it soon. Among many other awesome things, I found a dwarven ruin called Fahlbtharz. In one room in the Fahlbtharz Boilery there's a puzzle you have to complete which involves a circular machine with a total of 20 lights around it. A dead guy is nearby, and has two things you'll need: A bow to shoot the blue spinning things with, and a journal telling you what happens if you nyerk this up. Below is a spawn code to get 100 basic Iron Arrows to shoot the spinning blue things on either side of the central valve. Shoot one and some of the pegs around the valve will light up. The key to this puzzle is to light them all up EVENLY. If you don't, the thing overheats and a few robots will attack you. Each successive fail spawns more of the annoying robots, so try NOT to fail too much. From my playthrough of this place; here's what I've learned. (The numbers show how many lights each spinner lights up)

LEFT SIDE: 3  4  6                     VALVE                9 13 18:RIGHT SIDE

So the solution is to shoot the one on the far left first, then the one just to the right of it, and then the one in the middle on the right side.

As promised, here's the spawn code for arrows: player.additem 1397D 100 (Iron Arrow spawn code)

Hope this helps! Have fun in Skyrim :)

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